A Different Kind of Dolphins Football

Head over to the merry old land of Wales where they are less than familiar with the joys of America's favorite sport, and mention "Dolphins Football," and the wildcat offense might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Depending on how imaginative your new Welsh friend is, he might giggle at the thought of actual dolphins playing soccer.

Well, scientists have now documented dolphins of the coast of Wales attempting to bend it like Beckham. From Asylum:

Marine biologists off the coast of Wales witnessed a bottlenose dolphin swimming under a jellyfish and flicking it six feet in the air with its tail, apparently engaging in a playful game of soccer. Not only is this a previously unseen behavior in marine mammals, it's also the only form of soccer that could conceivably take off in America.
Yes, thankfully, there is video. The dolphins might not be as accurate as They might not be as accurate as Dan Carpenter, but when they are they can flip the unsuspecting jelly fish six feet clear in the air.