Tip Drill's Injuries: Stripper Sidekick Skrawberry Says "Her Bones All Fractured"

Saturday morning, Tip Drill, Miami's most famous stripper, took a horrific onstage fall at King of Diamonds and was hospitalized. Hip-hop websites and Twitter accounts have been buzzing about the accident.

Yesterday afternoon, New Times spoke with her longtime sidekick, fellow political pundit and moonlighting rapper Skrawberry, who says she didn't see the fall because she had just exited the stage before Tip Drill. She rushed to her side when she saw a crowd gather around her crumpled friend. "At first I thought she was gone, but then when I got closer, I heard her moaning," says Skrawberry. "That's when I felt her bones all fractured. It felt like glass."

Update: Tip Drill now plans to retire after her surgeries to repair the damage.

Skrawberry didn't want to get into too much detail without Tip Drill's permission. But she did send us a statement to correct some of the rumors flying on the internet — most important that Tip Drill was drunk at the time of her accident:

Tip Drill did take a dangerous fall but she's strong and she will in fact make a full recovery... She was not drunk... In fact her injuries could have been much worse had she not positioned her body correctly during the 35+ feet fall. Even though her injuries were serious, thank God she's not paralyzed and she'll survive!

Meanwhile, several rap stars — the rainmakers at KOD, Miami's most prominent strip club — have offered support and condolences on Twitter. Plies has a plan to send all the money thrown during a Strip A Thon to help with Tip Drill's medical expenses:

Rapper Drake also Tweeted: "Praying for my homegirl Tip Drill one time."

But the biggest development is that Tip Drill herself has started Tweeting again. At 6:48 this morning:

So the plastic surgeon team just came n woke me up n told me to be ready Monday....I'm scared shitless

A few minutes later:

I hope I get some money from my stage set last night cUz this plastic surgery gonna kill me if not God Bless!

"I'm in pain i got a bunch of broken fractures," she wrote this morning when somebody asked about her injuries. And an hour ago, she Tweeted:

I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy :(

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