News Roundup: Runoff Winners; Heat Losers

  • Michael "Drunk Driving Godzilla" Gongora and Jorge Exposito have won the run-off elections for the Miami Beach Commission. [Herald]
  • And Francis Suarez, son of former mayor Xavier Suarez, has won the run-off in Miami. In 5 days, when he's sworn in, the city will have 3 out of 5 commission seats filled. [Herald]
  • A man was accidently deported to El Salvador, despite being married to a US Citizen for the past 11 years. [NBCMiami]

  • The Herald makes Pennington's odds at coming back look a lot more optimistic than the AP, however if he does come back, he's not sure if it'll be for the Dolphins. [Herald]
  • We always forget that the Oklahoma City Thunder are an actual basketball team, but they are, and they beat your Miami Heat last night 100-87. [USAToday]