Ex Menudo Member, Ricky Martin Bandmate Comes Out of Closet

Another former member of boy-band Menudo has come out of the closet. Color us shocked. Following Ricky Martin's example, Angelo Garcia tells Spanish tabloid TV Notas that he's gay and proud.

When Garcia was with Menudo, from 1988 to 1990, Martin was the oldest member of band, and was the only one to get a room of his own.

"I didn't know if it was because the manager already knew of his sexuality or because he had seniority," Garcia says. "I thought he was asexual."

He says he never knew of any lovers Martin might have had, but that he's not surprised he would come out. Martin, meanwhile, has not commented on Garcia's revelation on his twitter, but, it's been announced he'll play "Che" in a new revival of musical Evita.

Garcia, now a 34-year-old juicehead with bleached blond hair, was raised in New York, but he moved to Miami in the early aughts to start a women's gym franchise in Kendall called Elements.

In 2005, the Miami Herald spotted him walking his Doberman, Rex, on Ocean Drive. He said the influence he could have on people through working out was more lasting than music. "The difference you make with music is a bit more superficial," he said then. "This is more hands on so you develop relationships and see the impact you help make.''

As if, we totally know girls who still have Menudo pillows and bobbleheads. Garcia, who's still performing, decided to come out because he's got a nude pictorial coming out in a gay rag, natch.

And now, a gratuitously cheesy Menudo photo, courtesy of blog boyculture: