Can of Hair Spray Causes Bomb Scare at MIA, Update: Actually, It Was a Bullet Part

A can of hair spray caused a bit of a scare at Miami International Airport today when it caused a piece of luggage to explode. Workers were panicked when the luggage exploded while they were unloading it from an American Airlines flight. The Miami-Dade bomb squad, airport and fire rescue officials were called to the scene, but it seemed to have been a freak accident and not an intended bomb. Update: Turns out it was bullet parts and not hair spray. 

NBCMiami reports that the scare went down today at about 11:30 a.m while workers were unloading luggage from the Boston-born plane. The explosion was so powerful it caused a splinter from the luggage to become lodged in the show of a worker. Though, no one was seriously injured.

The tarmac was closed, and the bomb squad searched the plane for other potential explosive. None were found. No one has been arrested or questioned in the incident.

Aerosol cans are banned in carry-on luggage as changes in air pressure can cause the can to explode, but this can was in a checked bag.

Update: Turns out that the item that caused the mini-explosion wasn't a can of hair spray after all, but actually a bullet part. Hundreds of bullet primers were found in the bag. These are the part of the bullet that sets off the initial propulsion. WSVN reports that the bag's owner, an unidentified 37-year-old man, has been arrested. No word on whether there was something intentional at play, or the man just made an odd packing choice.

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