Another Bootleg Butt Doc Busted After Krazy Glue Surgeries In South Florida Motel Go Awry

Miami was captivated in November 2011 when a would-be plastic surgeon with a prodigious ass named Oneal Morris was arrested after injecting mixtures including Fix-a-Flat into her patients' butts. Now it seems like Morris was only the tip of the bootleg butt doc industry in South Florida.

A Pahokee man known alternately as Calvin Butler or Tameika Butler has been charged with injecting silicon into his patients' butts in a West Palm Beach motel and closing the wounds with Krazy Glue.

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Butler victimized several would-be patients at the motel, sheriffs say. And he went so far to protect himself as stalking one man to the hospital, barging into his room in a wig and a fur coat, and screaming, "You need to remember who the #**$ is in charge!"

One victim, a woman with a young child, went to the motel four times between September and October last year, the Palm Beach Post reports, paying $200 a pop for silicon injections.

When she developed "painful nodules" over the injections, Butler told her to take "warm baths" and massage the spots. She eventually ended up with swollen lymph nodes, a chronic cough and several hospital stays.

Another man ended up at the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center in December, where deputies found him with open sores on his ass where the injections were made.

The man, who later had to have parts of his butt surgically removed, says Butler charged him only $100 because he was a friend but told him he charged "strippers" $400 each. Furious that he'd gone to the hospital, Butler ended up berating him in his room, the sheriffs say.

Police are looking for anyone else who got injections from Butler; you can call 800-458-TIPS with info.

As for Oneal Morris, the original Fix-A-Flat doc, she's still awaiting trial on two felony counts of unlicensed health practices that caused an injury, according to court dockets.

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