Gators Refuse to Schedule Canes

Florida Gators dominance is getting pretty boring for college football fans (apparently even for Gators fans), but UF athletic director Jeremy Foley is still set on making sure UF's non-conference schedule remains a cake walk for years to come, even if it means never playing one of the team's oldest rivals again.

The Gators and the Hurricanes will meet one more time in 2013, but beyond that there's no plans for future games. Unless the two teams happen to find themselves in a bowl matchup that'll be it.

So with the Gators added to a box marked "Dormant Rivalries" along with Notre Dame, UM is desperately trying to make the UM-USF rivalry happen. Something that really only pleases USF fans. I mean listen, my brother goes to USF. I am going to the game this Saturday. I should be all about this matchup, but we all know it'll be a yawn if we win, a case of mild depression if we lose.

In other scheduling news, The Canes will play FAMU on Thursday September 2nd to open up next season (yeah we play the Rattlers more often than we do the Gators now), Ohio State on September 11th, and possibly Pittsburgh on September 23.

This year Pitt and OSU are 9 and 10 in the BCS respectively, and they both should look good next year. If UF makes their non-conference schedule a cake walk, UM's is a minefield.