Marcelo Llorente Endorses Carlos Gimenez for Miami-Dade Mayor

We'll excuse you if you're feeling a bit of election fatigue after the recall and the initial election, but Miami-Dade still has the very important task of picking our next mayor in the runoff election on June 28. Today, Carlos Gimenez picked up one of the most coveted endorsements leading into the runoff over his rival Julio Robaina: that of third place finisher Marcelo Llorente.

Llorente, a former Republican state representative, joined Gimenez for the announcement at 11 a.m. at the St. Dominic's Senior Center. Llorente praised Gimenez's ideas and experience.

Llorente finished in third place with 14.83 percent of the vote. If the majority of his voters actually show up to the polls and break for Gimenez, it could help the former County Commissioner beat former Hialeah Mayor Robaina. Less than 5 percent separated Robaina and Gimenez in the first round of voting with Robaina getting 33.75 percent to Gimenez's 28.87 percent.

Though, the general thinking seems to be that the majority of Llorente's supporters may have wound up voting for Gimenez whether an official endorsement was made or not.

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