Faceless Blogger "Strawbuyer" Irks Prosecutor Kostrzewski

An anonymous Miami blogger dubbed the Strawbuyer has made an enemy out of a veteran state prosecutor.

Since debuting on the web this past July, the author -- who writes with the acidic juvenile prose of a celebrity blogger -- has attacked the work of Bill Kostrzewski, a Miami-Dade assistant state attorney who has specialized in economic crimes for more than ten years.

And it appears Kostrzewski doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

In an email correspondence with Banana Republican, the Strawbuyer claims that during an October 15 court hearing involving an attorney accused of mortgage fraud, Kostrzewski informed Judge Mary Razee Flores "that there is a very dangerous situation that is threatening the ongoing case that I need to speak to you in a separate exparte hearing."

The Strawbuyer attests that Kostrzewski wanted to speak in private with Flores about the blog. 

Via spokesman Ed Griffith, Kostrzewski declined to comment. "We are aware of the blog," Griffith says. "However, it would be inappropriate to discuss it since it involves pending cases."

"Kostrzewski needs to concentrate on sending the bad guys to prison," the Strawbuyer sneers, "rather than worry about this little blog."