Florida Has the Harshest Marijuana Penalties in America

Carrying just one ounce of pot in Florida could get you 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. That's by far the harshest penalty on the books in any state in America. Arizona, which has the second toughest sentencing guidelines for being found with an ounce of marijuana will only put you away for 1.5 years with a potential fee of $150,000. Many states will only slap your wrists with a nominal fee or probation, and Alaska, home of Sarah Palin, won't charge you with anything. 

Though, the difference is that Florida doesn't have a graduate system. One ounce, in theory, will get you the same time as four ounces, while in Montana four ounces could put you behind bars for 20 years, and one ounce will only get you six months at most. The The Bulletin of Cannabis Reform still ranks Florida as having the toughest marijuana sentencing guidelines in America.