Ritz-Carlton Has Finally Found Its New Tanning Butler

Visiting cougars of South Beach, worry not, the Ritz-Carlton has finally found a new tanning butler to apply various oozes and gunks to your backs.

Every time the Ritz needs a new "tanning butler" they call up just about every media outlet hoping to ring every last bit of PR out of it. This time around though more journalists showed up to the auditions than applicants. In fact, only three guys showed up looking for work, and none of them made it. Instead, Hotel Chatter reports, the Ritz picked 19-year-old Miguel Pando, a college student, to be their new lotion slinger.

He says so far he loves his job, and patrols the Ritz poolside in his paisley swimtrunks Friday through Sunday between 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.