Snooki Was Reportedly Hospitalized for Alcohol Poisoning During Filming in Miami

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, the magical elfin princess of the Guido kingdom, apparently spent time in the hospital while filming Jersey Shore in Miami in what RadarOnline.com is reporting as a "scary near-death incident." The hospitalization allegedly took place during the events of last week's episode, and Radar reports Snooki was so over-served at South Beach club Dream that she had to be carried out and eventually taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

The incident apparently took place during a night portrayed last week in which a drunk Snooki first attempts to climb into bed with roommate Jenny and her boyfriend while they were in the midst of mixing hair gels and other fluids, before snuggling up in Vinny's bed.

Reports RadarOnline:

A MTV spokeswoman would not comment when contacted by RadarOnline.com, while Snooki's rep did not return our request.

It's not known the exact treatment Snooki underwent as a result of her excessive booze intake, but alcohol poisoning is often treated with stomach pumping or gastric lavage, where the stomach is washed out using a saline solution.

According to our source, "Snooki was out of commission for about two days and was left in pain after undergoing the hospital treatment."

Producers had wanted to keep the incident a secret and edited out of last week's episode, but Radar's on-scene source swears it happened.