Only Florida's Two Least Important Former Governors Will Attend Rick Scott's Inauguration

Remember last year when we reelected Rick Scott as governor? Yeah, crazy stuff. Well, his second term officially begins tomorrow, and it doesn't seem that many people are that excited about it... including Florida's former governors.

Traditionally, living ex-governors are invited to inaugurations (as is the case in presidential inaugurations as well), but only two are bothering to show up tomorrow.

Gov. Bob Martinez, the last Florida governor who stood for reelection and managed to get defeated, will be on hand, as will Wayne Mixon, who served the shortest term in Florida's history. He was governor for three days, having served as lieutenant governor under Bob Graham. Graham resigned early to be sworn into the U.S. Senate.

So what's everyone else up to?

Well, Jeb Bush is still actively exploring that presidential run, and apparently that's going to keep him pretty busy.

Charlie Crist, of course, is still likely licking his wounds for managing to lose to Scott.

Bob Graham's daughter Gwen will be sworn into U.S. Congress that same day, so he's likely busy.

As for Buddy McKay, we'll we're not really sure what his excuse is, but we're sure it's understandable. Maybe he's attending a gay wedding.

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