SWAT Team Has Four-Hour Standoff With Vacant House, Finds Weed

Police went looking for a burglary suspect on SW 69th Avenue yesterday afternoon and thought they saw him run into a home. They believed him to be armed and barricaded inside, according to WSVN. The "standoff" began around 2 p.m., and at 6, the SWAT team stormed the house.

Nobody home.

But they did find a "fully operational clandestine marijuana hydroponics laboratory," which sounds quite nefarious. Who knows, next time a SWAT team surrounds a house with no one in it, they could come out of it with a truckload of doctored parachutes or a bunch of bloody samurai swords. This could be a whole new method of investigating.

Police are now looking for the family that lives in the house, according to WPLG. They were apparently spooked to hear a horde of fully armored law enforcement agents spent the afternoon in their grow house.

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