Lebron James Villain-O-Meter: How Much Does America Hate Him This Week?

Americans residing north of Palm Beach County have targeted their wrath at LeBron James, a basketball player and creator of the world's worst television special. In this semi-regular installment, we ​figure out why American hates LeBron this week, so you don't have to.

How LeBron pissed off the masses in the last seven days: The Heat lost three times. A Cleveland TV station hooked up a lie detector to LeBron's "Decision" telecast, and determined that he's a liar. His "What Should I Do?" Nike ad was spoofed by South Park, again. Did we mention that the Heat lost three times in the last week?

Foot-in-mouth statement/Tweet that didn't help his cause: "For myself, 44 minutes is too much. I think Coach Spo knows that." -- on crappy play caused by fatigue caused by excessive playing time in last night's loss against the Boston Celtics.

Choice quote from a detractor: "James never takes responsibility, never says, 'I'm the MVP and I need to do more.' He didn't do it in Cleveland, and he's never going to do in Miami. Now, 44 minutes in a grudge game with the Celtics is too much. Always an out, always an excuse." - Yahoo! Sports

The silver lining: At least his "grandmothers"-- a group of old ladies in Northeast Ohio-- still love him.

Current level of national hatred on the Villain-o-Meter: The needle remains steady on Vick.