Woman Kept as Prostitute Slave Was Forced to Work While Pregnant for Fetish Clients

Justin Robert Muoio pressured his victim for years to work as a prostitute while he lived off of her profits. When the woman got pregnant, Muoio didn't relent. Prosecutors now say he advertised her services to fetish clients and made her work for two months while she was with child.

According to the Miami Herald, Muoio, 32, began pimping out the woman in 2009. He physically forced her into the business, and the woman, who was just 23, worked up to six days a week and serviced eight to ten clients per day. The woman moved in with Muoio and his mother, and Muoio totally controlled her. He kept most of her earnings for himself and allowed the woman very little freedom.

In 2013 the woman became pregnant, but Muoio wasn't about to let that fact ruin his business. He advertised the victim online to fetish clients and earned $200 an hour.

Muoio was arrested in August after he got into an argument with the victim and locked her in his apartment. He dead-bolted the door, took away the woman's key, and cut the phone lines.

The woman escaped when Muoio's mother, who also lived in the home, went outside to talk to her son.

Muoio was originally charged with battery, false imprisonment, and tampering with the victim. But when police got wind of the full situation, he was also charged with human trafficking and profiting off prostitution. Muoio has pleaded no contest and is on house arrest while awaiting trial.

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