Note to Local Hotels: Never Let Charlie Sheen and Bret Michaels Rent a Room

Talk about a confederacy of douches. In retrospect, it only makes sense that Bret Michaels and Charlie Sheen are good friends. Apparently they once owned a production company together, and Michaels taught Sheen the first thing any self-respecting bad boy celebrity needs to know: the proper trashing of a hotel room. The pair were once in town for the Super Bowl, and Michaels gave him a crash course in lodging destruction. Serves whatever hotel it was right for letting these guys rent a room in the first place.

"Charlie and I flew down to Miami for the Super Bowl and we had the part of a lifetime - a three dater - and I professionally showed him how to bust a hotel room," Michaels told Access Hollywood. "He wasn't doing a good job at first. He was kind of learning. I said, you gotta really let it out man! You gotta let it out and bust this stuff."

Nothing quite like two sad men in their late '40's acting like kids trying to properly bust a hotel room.

Of course, Sheen will be back in the area next month with his "live tour." Please pray for the furniture in whatever unlucky hotel room accommodates him for the night.

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