Rep. Luis Garcia Lashes Out at Debbie Wasserman Schultz After Alex Penelas Buzz Emerges

So, state Rep. Luis Garcia was the Democrat who was supposed to take on scandal plagued Rep. David Rivera in November. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, buzz emerged that former Miami-Dade mayor Alex Penelas, also a Dem, was mulling entering the race (he's talking publicly about it now, but has yet to make a decision).

Now Garcia has lashed out against DNC chair and Broward County-area Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for betraying him.

Garcia was identified by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as a possible candidate to take on Rivera. Garcia said he got calls from high-powered Dems, and they even called his wife to encourage to run. Garcia accepted the overtures and announced his campaign, but says that he hasn't received the support he thought he would.

"Every step of the way, I have met road blocks -- road blocks -- from Debbie Wasserman Schultz," Garcia tells Naked Politics.

He says that Wasserman Schultz has refused to help him out in fundraising and repeatedly put off meeting him.

Her only comment on his fundraising?

"Boy, you guys are pathetic. You didn't raise enough money," she said at a party event in D.C., according to Garcia.

Earlier this week Garcia got a call from Alex Penelas himself. The former mayor told the State Rep. that he had meet with Wasserman Schultz and DCCC chair Rep. Steve Israel about entering the race. That was news to Garcia.

Garcia says he's called Rep. Israel, but the NY lawmaker has yet to bother to get back to him.

Well, this certainly seems like a big mess. Leave it to the Democratic party to screw up one of their best shots at knocking off a Republican Congressman in 2012.

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