Birdman Was Lying About Becoming Minority Owner of the Miami Dolphins, Maybe

Yesterday we linked to a report by the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero saying that rapper Birdman was awaiting approval from the NFL to become the latest celeb minority owner of the Miami Dolphins. Then Salguero did some followup with the league and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. Turns out Birdman might have been lying.

An NFL spokesman told Salguero they have no knowledge of any approval process for Birdman. And Ross says there's no truth to any of Birdman's claims.

"I have NEVER spoken to him or any representative," Ross said in a statement released by the team. "Not considering or looking for any celebrity limited partners."

Whether it's true or not, it's telling that the minute it's announced that another celebrity might become a minority owner of the Dolphins, pretty much the entire fan base goes totally apeshit over it.

The orange carpets, the changing of the fight song, Jimmy Buffett, T-Pain, Club LIV, the silly Fins Up in-game promos ("Feeenz Op!"). We're still not sure what Ross is trying to pull off with any of this. It's no wonder a fake story about Birdman joining the likes of Gloria Estefan and Jennifer Lopez gets fans in an uproar. But, hey, if it was Stephen Ross's intent to get an entire pro football team's fans to clench their assholes at even the mere thought of another celebrity minority owner joining their team, mission accomplished!