Is This the New Miami Dolphins Logo?

The Miami Dolphins hinted earlier this year that they might soon change their logo, and at first we figured the change would only be minimal. After all, the team has been using variations of the same basic "jumping helmeted dolphins in the sun" motif for its entire existence, but then came word that the new logo could include a helmet-less dolphin.

Well, an image purporting to be the new logo has leaked, and it's quite a drastic change.

The image comes from Uni Watch's Twitter. The site isn't sure if it is legit, but Palm Beach Post Fins writer Ben Volin that he's hearing it is. The new image jives with reports Volin has made that not only would the Dolphin be helmet-less, but that it would also somewhat resemble the logo used for the team's stadium back when it was simply called Dolphin Stadium.

While the golden sun rings remain, almost everything else is different. Beside the helmet, the dolphin for the first time is missing eyes. He's also assumed a brand new position. Here are the previous logos the Fins have used, all basically the same with only aesthetic updates made over time.

The loss of the helmet finally clears up the odd fact the Dolphin is wearing a logo on his helmet the team has never worn, and not an actual dolphin. Which, of course, would lead to Dolphinception:

However, we're worried the helmet-less logo sends a bad message while the NFL is coming under increasing fire for the safety of its players: when you don't wear a proper helmet you'll lose you ability to make facial expression and your ability to properly jump.

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