Anti-Ladies' Night Legislation Not Likely to Come Up

Ah, ladies' night. The curious bar and nightclub practice of offering free alcohol to female patrons in the hopes that tons of guys with full pockets show up to get lucky with drunk women. It's a time-honored tradition in this state, and it's not likely to change anytime soon.

Some folks find the nightclub tactic discriminatory, but efforts to give municipalities power to regulate such promotions likely won't go anywhere. Currently, that power belongs to the state and looks to stay that way.

A committee of the Florida Board of Governors thought about endorsing a proposal that would take away the state's power to regulate ladies' nights and all-you-can-drink deals and vest it in local government. But committee members backed off the idea Wednesday night when they realized the legislature isn't likely to take up such a bill, according to the Gainesville Sun.

The Board of Governors, which governs public universities in the state, seems to be concerned that such a deal would promote binge drinking, and it will meet with lawmakers and representatives from the alcohol industry before moving on an endorsement.