Uncle Luke Records Theme Song for 'Canes Doc; Donna Shalala Must Be Thrilled

Rakontur's highly anticipated documentary on University of Miami football, The U, premiers on ESPN on December 12, and this latest bit of news has us even more excited: Uncle Luke has recorded the theme song.

Luther Campbell, The 2 Live Crew rapper, was persona non grata at UM for a decade and a half after admitting to paying players for big plays, and threatening to reveal other secrets about the team. But head coach Randy Shannon, who played when Campbell was a constant sideline presence, quietly welcomed Campbell back into the fold.

We imagine some uptight higher-ups at the school might not be thrilled at the aspect of the As Nasty As They Wanna Be rapper is putting his stamp on the documentary, then again, The U doesn't promise to be a rainbow filled trip down Hurricane history. That hasn't stopped the doc from getting an on-campus screening on December 10, a day after the film premieres at Colony Theater.

In the meantime, we'll continue to stare at the picture of Sebastian the Ibis being slammed up against a fence by police currently featured on Rakontur's homepage, and wondering if it is perhaps the single, greatest image ever.