Victoria Jackon's Hot New Single: "There's A Communist Living in the White House!!"

​Miami native and Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson has unsurprisingly gone full tea bagger on us. The recipient of one of our Dirty Dozen "awards" has already endorsed Rush Limbaugh for president and compared President Obama to Hitler. Now she's joined forces with the Pasadena Tea Party for her latest ukulele jam, "There's a Communist Living in the White House!!"

"My husband really misses me. My parents think I've gone crazy. Only Glenn Beck really understands me, and of course Sean Hannity and Huckabee. But, you know, besides those three, and those sweet people who drink the tea, there's no one else who can see the Communist living in the the White House," she squeaks.

Oh, jeez. Then she spouts off a litany of pretty weak reasons why she believes Obama is a commie: Jeremiah Write, his father, Saul Alinksy, Van Jones, "Spread the Wealth," and all of that.

"Maybe I've lost my mind or been drugged by some narcotic. Maybe I'm in a movie called 1984 or I'm just idiotic," she sings. 

Well, if this is a multiple-choice quiz, we'll go with answer D.

[SFDB: Victoria Jackson: Lunatic?]