Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson May Star in Michael Bay's New Times-based Movie

Well, we guess it only makes sense that two men who launched to stardom by being muscular in tight briefs would team up to star in a movie about body builders. Variety reports that Mark Whalberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are currently in talks to star in Pain and Gain, explosive auteur Michael Bay's supposed next film that just so happens to be based on an old Miami New Times article.

Back in 1999, New Times alum Pete Collins wrote a massive 30,000 word, three-part feature about steroid-abusing Miami bodybuilders who wound up involved in a failed extortion and kidnapping plot. Michael Bay, who owns a home in Miami, has been talking about turning it into a movie for years, but now it seems that might actually become a reality.

Variety reports that Bay is in talks to cast Wahlberg and Johnson as the leads, but notes that Wahlberg may be too busy to take the part. Interestingly, Marky Mark has also long been rumored to star in another long delayed South Florida movie based on characters featured in Cocaine Cowboys.

Johnson, a former University of Miami football player, remains a strong possibility.

With a reported budget of just $20 million, the movie would be Bay's smallest since Bad Boys. In other words, don't count on the tightly choreographed explosions and car chases.

Variety reports that the movie could start shooting as soon as this Spring.

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