SuperNanny in Miami to Find Weirdo Families

Since swapping your wife will undoubtedly lead to your child taking faux rides in a foil balloon and one of your family members cutting one on Larry King Live, hiring a new millennium Mary Poppins may be a better way to make your foray into reality television. And you just may end up with a house full of well-behaved kids in the process. On the ABC hit show, Supernanny, Brit Jo Frost invades your home and whips your naughty kids into shape -- without  a paddle.

From October 22 through the 27, show producers are in town to find America's Next Fucked Up Kid. Could that be your lil' Johnny? Show flack Tim Gilmour said, "We don't do this American Idol style, with lines of hopefuls queuing up to get on the show. We meet each family and follow them around for a few days to see what their issues may be."

The show is looking for all types of families -- single parent, blended families, and those with weirdo tendencies -- so contact them at 877-626-6984 or [email protected] if you need Supernanny to come to your rescue.