Judge Rules Florida Woman Cannot Have Any More Kids or She'll Violate Her Probation

Kimberly Lightsey was handed down an unusual sentencing as part of a plea deal related to child abuse charges. A judge ruled she cannot have any more children or she would violate her probation. Man, talk about the government telling a woman what to do with her body.

Thirty-year-old Lightsey already has four children, but she's not exactly the world's best mother. According to Lakeland newspaper the Ledger, she was arrested in October 2011 for leaving the four, who ranged in age from 1 to 11, alone in a Winter Haven hotel room. One of the children had a serious medical condition that included cerebral palsy.

The children were discovered after one was found in the hotel hallway strapped into an overturned stroller. She was already on probation for hitting one of her kids in 2006. They were placed in the custody of relatives.

So in addition to putting her on probation and house arrest, Ernest M. Jones Jr., a circuit judge in Bartow, Florida, told her not to have any more kids.

Lightley didn't take the sentence well. From the Ledger:

"What's the matter?" the judge asked Lightsey. "You don't agree with that? You looked back at your boyfriend. Is that something you all have planned?"

"In a couple years, after we get everything settled, because he doesn't have any children," Lightsey replied.

"But you've got four of them," the judge said.

Lightsey could have the condition removed if she completes other terms of her sentencing and has a court overturn the decision.

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