Perez Hilton Might Have Broken Obscenity Laws by Posting Midget Porn

Apparently at Belen Jesuit, they don't teach classes relating to the proper posting of porn on the Internet. Miami's "favorite" son, Perez Hilton, might have bent federal obscenity laws by posting midget porn on his popular website.

See, Chuy, Chelsea Handler's sidekick on her E! talk show, has a past as an adult actor. Which, we don't mean to judge, is just insanely and deeply disturbing. There's a movie floating around called Chuy Then and Lately. The cover shows a Chuy-looking fellow gleefully slamming away at the types of chicks who would actually costar in a porn with a Chuy-looking fellow. Perez posted it, along with a clip we cannot bring ourselves to watch, March 15.

But True/Slant points out you can't just go around posting hard-core porn on the Internet willy-nilly. Oh, no, sir.

According to AVN.com [NSFW], the online home of Adult Video News, the adult movie industry's trade publication, Hilton's March 15 post, "Chuy Is an Official Porn Star!" [NSFW], does not follow 18 U.S.C. § 2257 guidelines. The code requires websites that post explicit sexual content to comply to various regulations and rules, including a link to a "2257 compliance statement containing the name and address of the custodian of records, who is required to keep records relating to the age and identity of the performers in the content, as well as other information," writes AVN.com's Tom Hymes. Hilton's post doesn't.

Of course, Hilton probably doesn't have that much to worry about. The justice system has bigger problems to deal with than the proper posting of midget porn. However, it's possible someone with such authority out there might want make to make an example of Hilton and his slightly illegal porn slipup.