Miami Dolphins Implode Against New Orleans Saints

When a team leads 24-10 at the half while having forced three turnovers, combined for five sacks and rushed for 128 yards and four touchdowns, that team will, more often than not, end up the victor. But this is the Miami Dolphins. Normal rules need not apply. This is Suck Country. The Fins could not hold their 21-point lead and ended up on the wrong end of a 46-34 beatdown courtesy of the New Orleans Saints.

Yet even with New Orleans' fierce comeback, the Fins had a shot to win it. Down by six, with 3:23 left in regulation, the Dolphins were in prime position to pull off the upset. Chad Henne found his receivers with sharp, crisp passes downfield. Except his receivers began treating the football as if it had been dipped in H1N1. Ted Ginn Jr. dropped a pass delivered right in the breadbasket. Anthony Fasano let a Ronnie Brown pass slip right through his arms. Even Ricky Williams got infected with the dropsies during the final drive. When Greg Camarillo did catch a ball, he got called for an illegal forward pass when he tried to roll the football out of bounds to stop the clock. It's as if the Marx Brothers took over the team. Over and out.

This knee-to-the-Johnson loss revealed several things we already knew. First, the Dolphins have the league's best collection of number two receivers but no stand-out game-breaking receiver. Until they get one, expect games to end like this against the better teams in the NFL.

There's also the continuing adventures of Channing Crowder in Suckland.

You want a solid, entertaining quote? Channing is your man. You want a

guy who jumps on a pile of players where a tackle has already been

made? Channing is your guy. You want a consistent tackling machine that

doesn't get constantly run over by running backs or fullbacks? Um, yea,

look elsewhere.

The loss also continued to shine a spotlight on the ever-frustrating

secondary. Yeremiah Bell can crush a man's spleen with one jarring hit.

But he couldn't cover Tattoo from Fantasy Island if he was assigned to

him. And Gibril Wilson is as useful as an anal fissure. As for the

cornerbacks, Will Allen is done for the season with a torn ACL, meaning

the Fins will have to depend on two rookie cornerbacks the rest of the

way. Weeeeeee!

And then there's Ted Ginn Jr. Might as well get used to the way he bats

passes away or has them fly completely through his hands because that's pretty much what we're going to get from him as long as he plays in a Dolphins uniform. Ginn has gone from suck

to blow in a relatively expedient manner, and it's a shock to no one.

His 53-yard touchdown against the Jets was all nice and good, but when

you follow that up with a two-catch 16-yard performance, including two

key dropped passes (one of which was deflected and returned for a

pick six), well, you're right back on top of the shitboard charts in

Dolphins Nation. Congrats, Teddy! Never in the history of the

Miami Dolphins has a player been this reviled by their fan base. And this

is a team that once employed Sammy Smith.

So, monumental choke job? Monumental choke job. But the Fins need to

shake it off because things don't get any easier. Tony

Sparano needs to do his thing: Yell at players, scream at coaches,

leave a Cleveland steamer on Ted Ginn. Whatever it takes. Back-to-back

road games against the Jets and Patriots await. There are leads to blow

and games to lose. Yikes and away!