Orlando Mom Helped Beat 3-Year-Old Son to Death, Then Ate Pizza

Robin Greinke and Steven Neil do not deserve to enjoy the simple pleasure of pizza. All they seemingly deserve is a lifetime of jail. Greinke, 26, confessed to beating her 3-year-old son to death with Neil, her 33-year-old boyfriend, before the pair ate pizza and watched a movie in Orlando.

Police say the incident happened early Tuesday morning. Three-year-old Noah Fake wet his pants, and Greinke and Neil beat him for up to an hour afterward.

"They explained how they tossed the little boy around," homicide detective Chris Dillion tells WKMG. "They were upset with him and they tossed him and spanked him and punched him."

The pair was possibly under the influence of pills and alcohol at the time of the attack.

Grienke wanted to call a doctor immediately, but she told police during her confession that Neil convinced her to wait.

The pair ate a pizza and watched a movie instead.

It was only after she noticed her son had stopped breathing that she called police. She confessed to the crime after autopsy results showed her son died of blunt trauma to the head. The pair, who was visiting from Illinois, now both face charges of first-degree murder.

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