Chris Bosh Reminds the Haters He Can, In Fact, Play Basketball

Sorry haters, the Miami Heat very much is the three-headed monster you all feared. Following a viral video poking fun at his lake of success so far in Miami and some commentators wondering how long it will be until he's traded, Chris Bosh had an absolute monster of a game last night against the Phoenix Suns. He was responsible for 35 points in the 123-96 demolition. That's more than the Suns top two scorers combined, and a season high for Bosh.

Bosh had already tied his most point in a game this season by half time. He ended up tying LeBron's season scoring high, though Wade still has locker room bragging rights by scoring 39 against Utah. The Suns aren't patsies either. They entered the game with the same 6-4 record as the Heat, and had just defeated the Lakers in the Staples Center on Sunday.

You can't help but wonder if Bosh was set up to have a big game to silence some of the criticism of his play in Miami so far. Who cares though? He more than stepped up to the challenge, and reminded everyone that all three super stars are capable of being the marquee player of the night.

I believe a certain Fox Sports columnist who called for Bosh to be traded was served crow for breakfast this morning.

Another note about the Heat: yeah, their record isn't sterling at the moment, but that's not the entire story. The difference between the average number of points scored and the average number of points scored against them this season is +11. That's by far the highest difference in the league. Only the Lakers rival that with an average point difference of +9.4 That means that when the Heat win, they win big, and when they lose, they're not getting demolished. Once all the kinks are worked out the Heat will dominate.

To paraphrase Nicki Minaj, look at what you just saw, this is what you live for, aaahhhh, The Heat's a muthafucking monster.