A Celebration of Goths in Hot Weather

Our favorite quote from last week's lookback on the first 10 years of indie super-party Poplife comes from co-proprieter Barbie Basti: "Miami wasn't that diverse back then. It was either mainstream or goth -- nothing in between."

It's always kind of puzzled us that Miami has been such a goth haven, considering how hot it is. Though, true hell demons know that the discomfort of strutting around town in head to tow black with dripping mascara know it's nothing compared to the eternal discomfort and suffering that goes on in their souls on a daily basis. But, damn it's still hot. 

So to celebrate we'll link to Goths in Hot Weather (via The Awl). The latest in the line of "haha look at those people" blogs like Look at this Fucking Hipster and Awkward Family Photos. We know some of you have perfect pictures to contribute somewhere in the dark corners of your tortured soul high school photobucket account.