Florida Marlins Lose Three-Game Series to the Atlanta Braves

Last night, your Florida Marlins finished a three-game series with the Atlanta Braves and their tomahawk-choppin' entourage (still doing that, Braves fans? Awesome.) Here's how it all went down:

Game 1, Marlins 6 - Braves 4: Tuesday night, the Braves trotted out starter Kenshin Kawakami, a guy whose season so far can only be described as Biff Loman-esque. The results were what one would expect. Not so much because Kawakami is a terrible pitcher, but more because the Braves flat out refused to give him any run support. Maybe Kawakami should start letting some of the guys win the clubhouse Poker tournaments. Kawakami gave up three earned runs on seven hits, including a solo homerun to Cameron Maybin who's beginning to show some promise - although he still looks like a lanky teenage boy.

Cody Ross tacked on two RBIs himself, leading the Marlins to the game one victory and extending Kawakami's record to 0-7. Oh Kenshin Kawakami, if only we could play against you every night.

Game 2, Marlins 3 - Braves 7: Nate Robertson pitched six innings,

striking out five. He then handed things over to his bullpen with a 2-1

lead. That's when Fredi Gonzalez decided to go with his "meh, fuck it"

strategy, bringing in Burke Badenhop and his 0-4, 6.43 ERA in relief.

Badenhop gave up two runs and the lead, followed by Dan Meyer and Brian

Sanches, who gave up three combined runs of their own. The lone

highlight of the game: Hanley Ramirez's solo shot in the first. Oh and

the fact that he didn't kick any baseballs while playing defense.

Game 3, Marlins 3 - Braves 8: An hour and seventeen minute rain

delay means only one thing: The bullpens will decide this game. Also, it

means things are about to get really shitty for the Marlins. Once

again, the bullpen came in and made a mess of things, including Dan

Meyer's five walks and three earned runs late in the game. Dan Meyer's

ERA now stands at 10.80. Damn you, Mother Nature!! The series loss drops

the Marlins to 24-24, good enough for fourth place in the NL East.

Highlights: Game one winner Anibal Sanchez's last three games have

been his best since 2006 - when he threw a no-hitter in his first year

as a Marlin - and he's been quietly solid lately. Perhaps that's because

if someone actually takes notice of it, Anibal's shoulder will explode.


Lowlights: Is there another team out there that features such

solid starters and such craptastical relief pitchers? We're gonna go

with NO.

Up Next: A Memorial

Day weekend series against the suddenly struggling Phillies.

Nothing says "Summer's here!" quite like the smell of broiling flesh

during a 1:10 PM start at Sun

Life Stadium. GO FISH!