Miami Man Goes on Fast Food Counterfeit Bill Binge, Caught by the King

Hitting up Boston Market, Arby's and Burger King all in a row is a typical dinner routine for me, but for Miami man Yonly Cabrera Alvarez it was part of a counterfeit bill scheme. 

Alvarez, 21, wound up in Vero Beach on Saturday with his friend Xandi Garcia, 20, and hit up the three restaurants and a Walgreens. They bought a small amount of things at each, then paid in counterfeit $100 bills in a scheme to get legitimate cash back. 

Surprisingly, our "favorite" fast-food joint, Burger King, caught the pair and called the cops. Police found $2000 on the men and a whole lot of greasy value menu items. 

Which just goes to show you, you do not mess with the King. He knows where you live. He knows where your children go to school. He knows which cheek you kiss your wife on every night before you go to bed. And if you dare to fuck him over. He'll be there, oh he'll be there waiting for you, and you don't want that. Do you?