News Roundup


  • The Fontainebleau has decided to tone down its sexy image to attract families. A little less Dirty Hairy, a little more dirty diapers. [Herald]
  • Costumes officials found bottles of "snake wine." Which is basically posionous snakes stuffed inside bottle of alchohol, and then served. [NBCMiami]
  • A Father Cutié article from the Times. Low on new information, but well written. [NYTimes]
  • Do you really want to read a longer, serious article about Paris Hilton being sUed? [AP]
  • The Real Estate executive who may have killed his wife two years ago is finally being formally charged with the crime. [CBS4]


  • Contract talks between the Heat and Dwyane Wade have already begun. [AP]
  • Most pro bowl tickets will be less than $100 [CP]