Cat Killer Redux? Three Cats Found Dead in Palmetto Bay, Possibly Shot by Bow and Arrow

Three cats have been found dead in Palmetto Bay in the past week, with at least one cat having been shot with a bow and arrow.

The news comes five years after several cats were found dead in Palmetto Bay and neighboring Cutler Bay. Police believed a human was behind the attack and Tyler Weinman, than a teenager, was eventually arrested. Though, no DNA evidence was found and at least some of the cats had bites caused by other large animals. Charges were eventually dropped against Weinman.

Though, the manner of death in one of the latest cases leaves little doubt that a human was involved.

According to Local 10, at least three cats have been found dead in the past week. The owners of a tuxedo cat named Kitty say that they found the cat dead in a manner that suggest foul play and the possible use of a bow and arrow.

"Her spinal cord had been snapped in half and there was a huge hole in her, and there was flesh coming out of it," the cat's owner, who wished to remain anonymous, told the station.

One death was reported on Monday morning, while another was found on Tuesday.

Police are investigating the deaths, but are not sure if they are related. They have not confirmed the cat's cause of death.

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