News Roundup

  • Boston-area investor Dennis Stackhouse has been arrested and charged with bilking almost $1 million from a county-supported plan to build a biotech business park in Liberty City. [Herald]
  • After a large amount of cases of swine flu this past spring, there haven't been many cases reported in Miami-Dade this fall, but they still might come, so clutch your Purell bottle in fear. [Herald]
  • Hialeah Racetrack will reopen within a month. [CBS4]
  • Burger King's earnings and sales are down. [Bloomberg]

  • If there's one thing veterans of the Katherine Harris Senate campaign know, it's how not to win Senate races, and the manager of that campaign believes Marco Rubio has about a snowball's chance in Florida of winning. [NakedPolitics]
  • Speaking of Rubio, a website called popped up yesterday and caused a stir. Some conservative bloggers believe it's the work of GOP lobbyist and Crist supporter Rich Heffley. Heffley will neither confirm nor deny his involvement. [NakedPolitics]
  • Rep. Alan Grayson wept on the House floor yesterday while reading letters from people saying they've lost family members because of America's broken health-care system. [RollCall]
  • The Miami Heat made easy work of the New York Knicks (tough night last night for NYC sports), and beat them 115-93. [AP]
  • Thankfully, Dwyane Wade doesn't have moving to the Knicks on his mind. Yet, anyway. [NYDN
  • Cheers to this: Ted Ginn Jr. will probably lose his starting spot on the Dolphins. [PBPost]