Steven Thiele, Gangsta Cybersquatter Sued By Miccosukee Tribe, Now Targets Zo's Summer Groove

The "#1 Stunna" has chosen a new enemy.

Three years ago, ex-con Steven Thiele was successfully sued by the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians after he bought the domain names,, and, and tried to sell them to the tribe for a million dollars.

Yesterday afternoon, Thiele emailed us with the following "Breaking news!":

I now own and have that name forwarded to my website

Let us explain.

Zo's Summer Groove, the annual charity event hosted by Alonzo Mourning, uses the web domain Thiele apparently purchased and is now doing the same thing he did with the Miccosukee-related domains-- funneling them all to his own website,

That's the home of his "Global Superbrand", where he features photos of him shirtless on a motorcycle or hanging out with little kids, news clips concerning various crimes he's alleged to have committed-- a bombing here, some witness beating there-- and sells $20 t-shirts reading "#1 Stunna":

The site, according to a hits counter, has more than 59 million webhits. We didn't believe it either, but it does add one hit each time we click "refresh".

Taking a domain hostage didn't work out so well for Thiele the first time around. He claimed that the Miccosukees offered him $100,000 for the domain names, but he refused. In September 2008, the tribe filed suit against him.

"I have now been sued by the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians," Thiele wrote on his website in response. "The price for has increased to $1 million. Not a penny less."

He also claimed to have bought the domain name, to spite the tribe's attorney Michael Tein.

But Thiele, who represented himself in court and filed hand-written legal briefs, didn't fare so well. A judge ordered him to pay court costs and $3,000 to the tribe, and to surrender the domain names.

A spokesperson from Alonzo Mourning Charities didn't respond to a request for comment. We also called Thiele, whose outgoing ringtone is, appropriately, the high noon ballad from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but he didn't pick up.

He emailed us instead. So what's he want for this new domain?

"I will let Alonzo off easy. He can just buy me an iced out rolex for the name. A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins! This is fun for me."

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