Swine Flu In Florida? Perhaps Not!

Earlier today WFTV in Orlando reported that a case of the dreaded swine flu has been reported in Florida. Turns out they may have jumped the gun in a major way. WFTV? More like WTF, uh V.

An official at Florida Hospital in Orlando sent an email to a reporter saying that they may have Florida's first case of the dreaded swine flu. However, the hospital is now saying that the station jumped the gun on reporting the case. The diagnosis was only based on one doctor's appraisal, and the hospital has not confirmed that the strain is in fact of the piggy variety.

In any event, the victim in question isn't even a Florida resident, but a Mexican citizen who was visiting Disney World.

When we characterized getting the first case of swine flu in Florida as glamorous earlier today we were only joking. However, the media has fully bought into the swine flu meme they may be a little too eager to find a local angle to the story. Perhaps getting the scoop is perversely glamorous, but it's kind of ridiculous that WFTV jumped the gun on this with out getting confirmation.

Of course, if this is confirmed it's clearly unlikely that the patient contracted the virus in Florida, and the real question will be whether or not he passed it on to anyone while here.