Battle of the Blowhards: Keith Olbermann vs. Glenn Garvin

On his MSNBC show, Keith Olbermann has this terribly annoying habit of self-righteously addressing, in overly dramatic terms, any criticism directed against him. The Miami Herald's Glenn Garvin has this terribly annoying habit of filling and shaping his TV reviews with his right-wing political stance. It was only a matter of time until these two blowhards crossed paths.

Garvin made a cameo appearance in Olbermann's trademark "Worst Persons in the World" segment. The honor that night went to Bill O'Reilly, natch, but Olbermann took a few digs at Garvin too.

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Olbermann took a few swings at Fox News for not airing last Friday's Hope for Haiti Now telethon and instead airing O'Reilly congratulating his employers on their coverage of the earthquake. O'Reilly then brags about Fox News's ratings victories and claims that only the Miami Herald's Glenn Garvin had the balls to write the story.

Well, that's not true. Many "liberal" newspapers cover Fox News ratings. See a partial list of stories here from papers such as the New York Times and the LA Times. Though, for some reason, O'Reilly claims a blog post from Garvin was the only coverage of the numbers.

Olbermann responds that Garvin has been "for years the hands-down winner in any poll of newspaper TV writers or TV people as the TV critic the most in Fox's pocket, the farthest down the lunatic fringe rabbit hole." Which is just about right on.

Garvin took to his blog yesterday and responded with glee: "I'm amazed that NBC, having just paid all that money to Conan O'Brien and his staff, still has money to commission polls on which TV critic is is furthest down the lunatic fringe rabbit hole. Is that NBC's new demographic target or something?"

Yeah, well, we're amazed the Herald still has money to pay Garvin for the political nonsense he passes off as television reviews, but that's another story.

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