Rick Scott Won't Be Paying for All of His Re-Election Campaign This Time

Florida Governor Rick Scott sunk about $70 million of his own money in his successful bid for election in 2010. He won't be up for election again for more than two years, but he's already gearing up his campaign. However, this go-around he won't be paying for it all out of his own pocket. A political committee campaign tied to his campaign has already raised $500,000 in the past four months.

Scott massively outspent his opponents in the 2010 campaign. According to one source, he spent about $78 million of his own money in that election. In comparison, his Democratic rival, Alex Sink, only spent $28 million total.

But all the money in the world won't guarantee Scott re-election. He's been plagued by lagging approval numbers practically since he took office in early 2011. Numerous polls have showed that, in retrospect, Floridians would have rather have elected Sink, and early polling show he's incredibly vulnerable in his re-election campaign.

So it's actually surprising that he's already amassed $500,000 in donations, as reported by the AP

However, it's hard to raise money when it looks like you're going to lose or are at least vulnerable, so we wouldn't be too surprised if Scott once again dips into his own pockets for re-election. Scott backers are betting that the governor's political fortunes may improve if Florida's economy speeds up its painfully slow recovery before 2014.

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