Carl Scalise: "Congress Must Take Action" to Bust the Mafia

Carl Scalise is not afraid of the Mafia. Concrete boots don't faze him, and neither does sleeping with the fishes. We met him yesterday outside Miami New Times offices on Biscayne Boulevard protesting the Mafia, and fighting for your freedom.

"For the past 7 years I've been fighting the Mafia," he said. "They've researched everyone I've ever come in contact with, and they send people to intimidate me every day. They are a worldwide criminal organization who want to control your life. Last year I sent a certified letter to every member of Congress, plus the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and every major government organization about them."

We brought Scalise upstairs and recorded a statement from him:

"Don't you think it's possible that maybe the FBI is looking into you for all those letters you sent to Congress," we asked?

"No. The FBI knows the whole story and they refuse to give me the name of the guy in upstate New York who has been intimidating me for the past 7 years. I'm doing this so that college students can do something about it. Old people are not going to do anything. Congress needs to take action to stop the freedom being taken away from hard working Americans by the Mafia."

"The mafia control the police. Some day, if somebody calls and says the Mafia want you to do something, who can you turn to for help? I've seen a guy in a three piece suit crying his eyes out because he didn't want to do it, to intimidate me. He couldn't admit it in front of me, but he was afraid."

So why are the mafia after him in the first place?  "Seven years ago an ex girlfriend of mine got involved with a drug dealer who moved up the's not really important. What's important is that college students go to my website."

Visit for more information on how you too can fight the Mafia.

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