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Tim Tebow's Focus on the Family Super Bowl Ad: The Aftermath


We weren't expecting Tim and Pam Tebow's Super Bowl ad for Focus on the Family to feature the two marching in front of the Supreme Court with a stroller full of bloodied baby dolls and duct tape over their mouths, but -- wow -- the thing came off more like an eHarmony ad than a spot taking on a controversial issue. 

Which has some people asking what all the controversy was about. 

Well, the ad directed you to Focus on the Family's website, where you can read lovely things about gays, transgendered individuals, "porn addicts," and women who want to control their own reproductive rights. 

Here's what they have to say about discredited gay conversion therapy
Homosexual behavior violates God's intentional design for gender and sexuality.

While we do not believe an individual typically "chooses" his or her same-sex attractions, we do believe those who struggle with unwanted same-sex sexual temptation can choose to steward their impulses in a way that aligns with their faith convictions.

And transgender individuals:

The gender confusion embodied in the pro-transgender revisionist theology is a direct result of living in a fallen world. And as with the temptation of mankind in the Garden of Eden, the spirit of "transgenderism" casts doubt on God's clearly articulated ordination by acknowledging a well-known truth and supplementing it with a blatant lie.

And school choice:

School choice programs are essential for safeguarding parents' constitutional freedoms to direct the upbringing of their children, especially at a time when more and more public schools are choosing to promote homosexuality, advocate sexual promiscuity and present one-sided views of Darwinism.
And stem cell research:
Stem cell research and cloning methods that destroy human embryos violate the sanctity of human life.

We're not saying any of this is shocking coming from a Christian group or even wrong (we'll leave that up to you to decide), but CBS said it was trying to stay away from promoting any decisive political points of view. Maybe the ad didn't explicitly have one, but the product it was selling -- this website -- certainly does.