This Miami Hurricanes Version of "What Does the Fox Say?" Makes Me Feel Old and Ashamed

During last Saturday's game, the Miami Hurricanes' marching band and student fans performed a UM-specific rendition of viral hit "The Fox," entitled "What Does the Ibis Say?" And apparently I'm getting really old, because up until I saw this I literally thought this song was just a really annoying jingle used in commercials to promote the upcoming Fox network TV season, and watching this video just made me feel cranky.

The original version of this has been a big viral hit for over month with 54 million YouTube views, tons of parodies, and a performance on Ellen. Was anyone else over the age of 25 aware of this? It's literally my job to be on the internet, and yet this is all so new and confusing to me.

So, like anyone way late to the joke, I'm just going to pretend it's stupid, annoying, and, in this case, not fitting for the team that invented swagger. But, also, maybe that's the point?

Anyway, the kids seem to be having a good time, and I'm just being a 27-year-old grandpa.

But, just in case anyone wanted a factual answer to the question posed by this song:

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