Florida is Hosting a Python Hunting Contest: $1,000 for the Longest Snake

Invasive pythons continue to reek havoc through out Florida's swampy ecosystems, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has come up with a novel way to help control the population: a hunting contest. 

Yes, the FWC is offering prize money for the most pythons bagged overall, and the longest snake killed. 

The contest will be open to two categories: one for the 70 or so officially licensed python hunters, and one for everyone else. The Herald reports that anyone who wants to enter must pay a $25 registration fee, take a relatively short online course, and sign a liability waiver (because, really, what could go wrong when you encourage just anybody to go out and kill giant snakes in the middle of the swamp?)

$1,500 will be awarded for the most snaked killed in each category. $1,000 will be awarded in each category to the person who bags the longest snake. 

The competition lasts about a month, and kicks off on January 12th and ends on February 10th. Awards will be giving out at Zoo Miami on February 16th. 

If you have more questions, and you probably do, there's always