Fox News Wonders if Local Mom Battling Leukemia is "First 'Death Panel' Victim"

In the News Roundup each morning we've been keeping an eye on the plight of Diana Smith, a local mother battling a rare form of leukemia. Smith was almost denied a life saving treatment when Social Security disability payments made to her son raised her income enough to where she no longer qualified for Medicaid. Even though Smith had raised much of the money to pay for the surgery through friends and the community, Jackson Memorial Hospital was forced to cancel a bone marrow transplant because with out the Medicaid coverage it could be held reliable for any risks.

To make a long story short, a number of local politicians and other parties intervened and now Smith will receive the surgery.

A happy ending to a sad story, right? Nope! Not according to Fox News website Fox Nation! Smith is the first victim of Comandante Hussein Obamar's death panels!

The Drudge Report-rip-off site posted a truncated copy of a CBS4 article under the headline "The First 'Death Panel' Victim?," and never bothered to include the happy conclusion of the story. Their short version makes it seem like Smith is left to die at the hands of an evil government program and its unruly "death panels," but anyone who bothers clicking through to the full story will see that Smith actually received help from the government and Democratic politicians like Dave Aronberg.

What's more, is that Media Matters for America explains that the recent Health Care Reform Bill may actually help people in Smith's situation by raising the income level at which people will qualify for Medicaid coverage.

As for the "death panel" part, that continues to be a ridiculous myth of tea-baggers. This is where Riptide gets accused of being biased, and you're right, we are totally biased against people who jumble half-facts with falsities to argue completely ridiculous, incredibly debunked bullshit.