Southernmost Moron: Westboro Baptist Church Drone Pickets Elizabeth Taylor in Key West, For Some Reason

Pity the man pictured here. After all, how many times would you have to be (metaphorically) touched by an uncle (named, say, Fred) for your brain to turn to such mush that on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Key West all you want to do is hold signs declaring that a recently-dead film actress is in hell for being a "fag hag"?

The Westboro Baptist Church had announced it was going to picket Elizabeth Taylor's funeral, but never did. Instead they sent this generic-looking, dressed-like-a-toddler fellow (click to enlarge) to hold his signs in front of Key West's southernmost point marker. One tourist half-heartedly argued with him but for the most part everybody was having too good a time to pay him any mind.

When Riptide asked him about his protest, he said-- just kidding, think we spent a moment of our Saturday in Key West speaking with this luminary? We were on a mission for chocolate-dipped key lime pie on a stick. We really shouldn't even be giving this guy any press, but we just wanted to inform our readers that the world remains plagued by deranged bile.

Happy Monday!

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