Non-Shocking Rumor of the Day: Kristin Cavallari Snorts Coke

You mean to tell us that a barely-famous reality TV star came down to Miami and went on non-stop search for cocaine? Well, we never in all our years... Oh wait, this is exactly what we expect of reality TV "stars" who come down to Miami. 

US Weekly reports that The Hills star  Kristin Cavallari spent all of Super Bowl weekend in Miami on a hunt for some nose candy. 

"She was going around to everyone, asking them to score her some coke," says their anonymous source.

Oh god, she's become that girl. Anyone who's ever been out in Miami knows that girl.

"She's getting scary-thin and not showering regularly...She's clearly unhealthy."

Gross. US also says that MTV star, who replaced Lauren Conrad last season, is so out of control that her drug problem may actually be used as a plot point in the next season. 

In any event, we're more angry at the snitch. Providing discreet opportunities for Z-list stars to come down and go on coke binges is pretty much the basis for like 35 percent of what remains of our local economy, so we sure hope this doesn't ruin it.