Biltmore Brunch: By the Numbers

The Biltmore Hotel’s Sunday brunch, generally acknowledged as among the very finest in town, is now, according to press materials, “expanded” and “enhanced.” As far as we can tell, the main difference is a finer fizz, as each week a different champagne from one of France’s top producers is poured. DId you know that a typical flute glass of champagne contains more than three billion bubbles? Ha! Don’t be so gullible -- I just made that up. But I’m pretty sure these numbers are real:


500: Guests per Sunday

26: Cooks who work on brunch

250: Work hours they spend preparing and setting up

During each Sunday Brunch, the Biltmore serves…

200 Pounds of King Crab Legs

200 Pounds of Shrimp Cocktail

1000 Pieces of Sushi

280 Ounces of Caviar

700 Fresh Oysters

150 Pounds of Prime Rib

300 Eggs Benedict

250 Omelets, cooked to order

70 Cakes, tarts and pastries

60 Pounds of Chocolate Fondue

$65 Price per diner, including unlimited champagne-of-the-week

$99 Surplus charge for an ounce of Iranian 000 Sevruga caviar

For further information visit the website. --Lee Klein