Tampa Bay Rays Introduce "DJ Kitty": The Best Marketing Gimmick the Marlins Never Thought Of

Our beleaguered Florida Marlins have tried all sorts of game day gimmicks to drum up local support. They were the first MLB team to have cheerleaders, and have tried everything from pint-sized mini-mascots to a dance squads made up entirely of obese men. What they have not tried is shooting a video of a cat wearing their jersey and pretending to DJ. Yes, the Tampa Bay Rays latest bit of marketing (combined with the fact they're first place in their division, much unlike the Marlins) is almost enough to get us to change allegiances.

Call us bandwagon fans if you want, but Dear God its a cat that friggin DJs. According to The Awl the cat video plays during home games on the jumbo-tron. Apparently the only song DJ Kitty knows is "Jump!" by the Movement, but that's alright. Just look at him!

I mean look at that!

It's just too much for words.

Then compare it to this:

That is just a depressing reminder of America's obesity epidemic. That's not fun at all. That doesn't get me excited about sports, it just makes me sad about the state of our national health. Cats on the other hand...

Unfortunately we can't embed the full video but you can view it here.

Update: We still can't find the original DJ Kitty in embeddable format, but here, for reasons we can't quite fathom, is DJ Kitty scratching along to Justin Bieber from Tauntr.

And I was like DJ Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Ohh, I thought you'd always be mine.