News Roundup: Commissioner Gonzalez Resigning; Blah, Blah, LeBron James

  • Miami City Commissioner Angel Gonzalez will resign soon amid an investigation into a job he got his daughter. There's probably a joke in here about his name being Angel while he is clearly not one, but why would we make a joke as horrible as that? That joke would be almost as horrible as the city commission. [Herald]
  • Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones will be sworn in today, despite allegations she, too, is horrible. [Herald]
  • Some Twilight actors were in town? OMG. The brooding chick who bites her lips? No. That lanky thing with the bed head and pale skin? No. The ripped 17-year-old who is continually shirtless in a way that makes you uncomfortable? No. It was just some C-listers who probably have, like, five lines in the movie. Teenage girls still went insane, though. [NBCMiami]
  • Who's responsible for Timoney's downfall? Timoney of course. [CBS4]
  • Yeah, yeah. When the Cavs are in town, Shaq will be back. Whatever, but what about LeBron versus Dwyane? [NBCMiami]
  • However, LeBron is so over talking about where he'll be next year. [NYTimes]
  • The Herald isn't, and thinks it's a small possibility LeBron and Dwyane might both suit up for the Heat next year. [Herald]